Best loot Spots and pubg mobile tips in Sanhok Map Pubg Mobile

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Our Sanhok guide contains FAQ’s, Tips, Looting Spots, Sanhok landing locations, New features, Tweaks.
So let’s get started!

Finally, the Sanhok previously known a “Savage” update is on the verge, Tencent games now officially announce the release date. Here on this page, we have gathered all the info that you need to know for pubg mobile tips for new Sanhok Map and tips for a better start. We’ll continue adding more help to this guide after some time, and as we gain a considerably more profound understanding of the little scale challenges given by Sanhok. In the event that you’ve any astute tips of your own, drop them in the comments and we’ll include them in with credit whenever we refresh this guide.

PUBG’s Sanhok Map Locations:

Here is an overview of the map. Here are all the map locations that can be found. And when the update is so live we will provide tips on surviving and info on each land spots. Also Check out our pubg weapon tips here.

  • Mongnai
  • Na Kham
  • Pai Nan
  • Cave
  • Ban Tai
  • Bootcamp
  • Camp Alpha
  • Lakawi
  • Docks
  • Ha Tinh
  • Kampong
  • Khao
  • Paradise Resort
  • Quarry
  • Ruins
  • Sahmee
  • Tambang
  • Tat Mok
  • Camp Bravo
  • Camp Charlie

Sanhok FAQ’s:

Before we stall out into a strategy side of things, here’s a brisk overview of what the map involves so you recognize what you’re giving yourself in for.

  • Sanhok update will be pushed to google and ios play store on 12th of september 2018.
  • The playable area is only 4km x 4km, making it the smallest PUBG map to date.
  • The name is derived from the Thai word for “fun” and the Filipino word for “chicken”!
  • Sanhok won’t influence your matchmaking rating in any way. As it’s an altogether different style of play to that found on alternate maps, the dev’s need to limit the map’s effect on the general matchmaking framework.
  • This is the first ever battle royale map based on the dev’s exploration of a real-world location. The team visited Thailand and the Philippines to gain inspiration for the map’s assets and atmosphere.
  • According to developers it will be more intense and believe this more is a claustrophobic playable area which will create a quick pace battle royale experience that has ever been enjoyed before.

New Features:

Blue zone time adjusted : The blue zone is additionally now more “dynamic”, changing where the next circle is and the waiting time for it as per the number of players surviving in the map.

Red zone frequency has been lowered : The Red Zone is littler on Sanhok, its focal point will always show up outside of the white-ringed safe zone as well, as it’s intended to make you more in danger outside of the circle.

Duos and Squads added : You can now team up with your folks for 2, 3, and 4-player action on the map, too.

Weapon spawns:  More Attachable spawn quicker, in a nutshell. In particular, ARs, SMGs, and DMRs are brought forth more frequently. 8x scope don’t spawn at all on Sanhok, other than in air drops.

Circle now Spawns quickly: Not anymore on edge holding up period before you know where to go. The white circle currently begins in a flash, giving you a prompt thought of where you have to head straightaway and to what extent you have.

Sanhok start locations, loot spots, and strategies:

We’ll update our guide for PUBG loot areas on all maps with Sanhok once the update is live, yet for the time being here’s a snappy rundown of a portion of our top picks. Note that on Sanhok, loots quite bottomless in all cases, so these are extremely just some of our highlights. There is a new alleged leak on the pubg snow map check out.

Camp Alpha Bravo and Charlie:

Three military camps can be found in comparable positions in the east, west, and south of the island, and they all play practically a similar way: tumultuous if there’s an immediate flyover, somewhat less clamorous if the plane’s further away. Note that loot is similarly as great, if worse, on the structures’ roofs as it is inside. Try finding up a building in this region to find gears. Remember the map is not massive so you have to watch out for other players in the region.

Ruins :

An extremely cool little maze of passages and rooms loaded up with high Level 3 loot.  Ruins will draw plenty of players each round. With a flat, open roof and single internal floor, any shootout here is likely to be over in a matter of seconds, so you’d better be sure you can get down quickly. The surrounding columns outside have some tolerable loots on them as well if the center’s excessively challenged. Just be aware that the only way up onto the roof is an exposed ramp in the center of the building. Avoid landing at the base of the building, as you need to walk up the outer stairs before you can get inside.

Paradise Resort and Bootcamp :

Both are enormous, focal, high-thickness territories and on the off chance that you’ve played PUBG much you’ll recognize what that implies. Supreme butchery, yet heaps of loots. Good for some target practice, not all that great for really winning a round. the real military camp of the map located at the dead center. Plenty of players will drop near to Bootcamp and move in once the gunfire dies down. Plenty of guns can spawn on the open ground under trees towards the outer edges of the compound on paradise island. If you are one of the first players there. Try to land as close as you can to a weapon and snaffle it up before anyone else can.


A little adaptation of Erangel’s Novoporonye, the docks are loaded with climbable transportation compartments with incredible loots on them, however, be careful it’s ease back to navigate and abandons you rather uncovered, players will often land there.

Mongnai :

A nice little secret is this area in the very north-east corner of the map that looks like a coconut farm. You can find a Level 3 vest and a QBZ here in one visit. The loot is meager, however high caliber, and can be found all through the estate and also in the bunch of structures.

Quarry :

It wouldn’t be Player Unknowns Battleground without a quarry, but actually, this one’s flooded with loots. Very high-quality loot but it’s spread out. Great for a squad match, look to the groups’ climbable rectangular blocks for the highest loot density. Beware the vantage points that look over you from all angles as you scavenge. This place is anything but difficult to spot and you can discover abundant of good weapons, meds, backpacks, and so forth in this place. The best time to investigate this place is toward the starting in light of the fact that there are risks after some time you may fall into different players fire go.

Ha Tinh and Pai Nan:

You can expect to get some new and improved gear on both locations.  Ha Tinh is one a good spot if you are heading to the center of the game. Pai Nan is good for lvl 3 loots with a river splitting the small village in two. Battles tend to occur on either side before the winners on each end turn to face each other. Its a central location with a quality of loots.


The different shoreside boats what we’re considering those little structures that simply out to water on little breakwater connects really have some entirely conventional plunder. Particularly on the off chance that you can rummage through about six of them and the structures close-by alone. Simply be careful with getting captured appropriate out on the edge when the blue zone begins to move in.

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