Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite: How Pubg mobile is better than Fortnite

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The two greatest computer games on the planet right presently are PUBG and Fortnite, and both have just become greater than at any other time now that they’re land on mobile phones. We will compare pubg mobile vs Fortnite on all aspects of this post. The two major battle royale sensations are presently accessible on mobile phones, and when all is said. Both complete an excellent activity of gathering the comfort and PC encounter down into something that can fit in your pocket or be played while traveling in a train or taxi. The Battle Royale games have exploded in popularity, while there are other battle royale games out there but these two have taken the entire mobile gaming. Generally, these games were available over on PC and different other platforms; in any case, they’ve advanced toward mobile platform also, including the biggest tech giant Android.

There can be only one winner. Today we will talk about how pubg mobile is better than fornite (pubg vs fortnite) or the other way around. Both games are extremely fun and competitive. But the query is which one you should be dedicated to so that you can master your shooting skills and win some tournaments and earn rewards. In case you are wondering the difference between the two games. We will give you an honest and reliable opinion which one is better so let us get started.

So What is Battle Royale?

We should begin by discussing what Battle Royale really is. The class is still generally new so there’s no hard definition to pass by, yet the early game regularly has one attribute in like manner. That Hunger Games style of a stipulation that undertake you with getting by up against various different players who are hoping to do the same.

Most normally, these game styles include dropping into a  big map alone or in a squad, discovering weapons, gears, and items, and hustling a type of racing that in the end forces everybody to battle. The last man/squad standing wins.

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: Graphics

It is a very really big deal if the user interfaces are not good when it comes mobile shooters like this. Tencent’s Lightspeed and Quantum Studios have streamlined the treasonable designs of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for the mobile version, yet the embodiment is still there. The characters, map, and weapons are altogether realistic. Fortnite Mobile, on the other hand, takes a more cartoony approach and most of the weapons are from a kind of sci-fi film. In PUBG Mobile, players parachute out of a loaded plane onto an island with an army camp, school or a  power plant. In Fortnite Mobile, players skydive out of a bus tied to an enormous balloon, dampening their fall with an umbrella or modern lightweight glider.

Winner: Tie

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: The UI

Talking about the controls they look somewhat similar but we in feel pubg mobile. The button format is significantly more instinctive with the different icon less demanding to reach without incidentally squeezing the wrong icon. Moreover, Fortnite is in an early release state and will probably observe numerous more changes and enhancements in the coming months.

Winner: pubg

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: Gameplay

The basic gameplay is the same. Players are dropped onto an island with 99 other opponents, from there you collect weapons and other gear to fight until the last man is standing. Te play area is also known as the circle also grows smaller and smaller. Forcing the rest of the players to come closer to one another. The area outside the play zone deals constant damage, and ought to be kept away from no matter what. PUBG further restrains the play area with red zones, where bombs drop from the sky that will in a flash kill player outside of the cover.

A correlation between the gameplay of Fortnite versus PUBG takes after similarly as their visuals. PUBG Mobile is serious and weapon battles give a genuine sense that death is fast approaching. Though Fortnite Mobile gives players significantly more space to move and play inventively.

Pubg is more real. That implies things like bullet drop which makes damage tumble off at longer range and expects you to change your shots to represent height and distance are stressed as these mechanics make a skill gap. On the other hand, Fortnite is about senseless as it gets. Its cartoony and unrealistic and you can throw a grenade to make your opponent dance. Run through Portal has taken to skies and from nowhere again on the ground. Anything can actually happen in fornite.
Winner: Pubg

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: Performance

Both titles target 30 fps, We rarely noticed any significant dips below that target from either game. Technically, fornite is little smoother but Pubg mobile gives you a way to tweak performance. Fortnite doesn’t give you the option to choose between specific graphical presets. The only visual setting you can tweak is turning peripheral lighting on or off and that is where fortnite gets beaten. In pubg mobile, it will provide multiple options tweak settings if your device is struggling. Additionally, PUBG Mobile’s menu has multiple settings that relate to frame rate and graphics. For us, running the game at the high fps setting produced a stable performance.

Winner: Draw

PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: Bots

Pubg Mobile’s decision to bring bots is the main thing that separates with Fornite Mobile. Fortnite has none of this. In practice, though the bots in Pubg Mobile end up making the game easier for the newcomers. Meanwhile, in fornite, you have to deal with full 100 human players. Though this topic is controversial, no one wants to get knocked out in the first few seconds of the match.


Pubg Mobile may be available at same platform but that does not mean you can play them on every device. PUBG Mobile is the most pervasive, with in excess of 500+Android devices being supported. Whereas in the case of Fortnite the list of devices is limited to Samsung Exclusive devices. That includes the Galaxy S7 and newer, Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Note 8 and newer. You can get access to some other devices which has 2 GB ram or higher in beta mode.

Winner: Pubg


In the end, both these battle royale games are the two most popular video games in the world right now are great. We like both games but then the mobile ports we generally feel like going with player unknown’s battleground. Fortnite will certainly make huge improvements over the coming weeks. Pubg is more assured controls and less nervous aiming. But wait Pubg Mobile and Fortnite two of the debates that will grace mobile platforms in years

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