Pubg snow map leak images allegedly makes way on the internet

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Whether you call it pubg winter map (Dihor Otak) or pubg snow map, it is indeed the next huge update after Sanhok that will grace battle royale genre and is expected to unveil in winter. Here are some of the images of pubg snow map data mined. Purpose of interest is Cosmodrome, DinoPark, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle to be rumored in the pubg snow map. This map is featured with snow storm weather type that will damage your health points if caught in a storm. It is planned to release in winter this year but can be expected on the private experimental server in the next couple of months for PUBG PC/Console version only.

New game modes that are included in the pubg snow map is called “Conquest” where you need to capture a certain area on the map. With this night mode and C4 is also coming. By look at the Grid the map will be just as big as Erangel and Miramar (8×8) including waters, also the lake on the bigger island is assumed to be frozen.

Here are some other pubg snow map alleged pictures shows off screen

These images are to be rumored as the early development of the map for the PC version named as Dihor Otak (proposal 3). Thus there are 2 other more proposals for the pubg snow map. The “Otak” part of the name is Croatian for “Island”. It is possibly going to be WWII styles with bunkers, and relics of old buildings and castles, stone walls, vineyards, etc. Check out the latest update on the snow map.

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